Saturday, February 8, 2014

Hockey Man

Have I told you about WHM and his new hockey career?  About how he got equipment from his teacher, whose son is a year older and not at all interested in hockey?  About how her older son is an assistant captain for the University of Maine?  How all WHM can talk about is hockeyhockeyhockey? About how I suddenly find myself a hockey mom, and our entire marriage we talked about how if this ever happened, Mick would be the one to deal with early ice times, but the way it has unfolded, I am the one with early ice time?  (But I wouldn't trade it -- WHM is so much fun to watch!)

Well, hockey started with the new year, and we've already progressed from holding on to buckets, to skating around with his stick.

Here are some photos from today -- cell phone snapshots, but next time I'll grab the real camera.  I have a ton of video, but have experienced serious frustration getting it from my phone to my computer. I'll keep working on that, and in the meantime, here is the little guy this morning.


He fell and wanted to leave because his head hurt. Turned out that the padding from the back of his helmet was gone, and it probably really did smart.  (I'm not sure if he is also being dramatic because of Mick's concussion -- both kids are hyper-aware of "head trauma" lately.) So half an hour, max, on the ice, and it was time to go -- but he has ice time again tomorrow, and also now has a new helmet.  Is Bauer a public company?  Buy some stock!

I love this because you can't really tell it's a hockey jersey.  One day maybe he'll also wear football.  To hear him talk, that's his plan.  We'll do what he says!

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