Thursday, January 24, 2013

Still there? Me, too.

I'm here, I'm here!

And sure, we've been busy in these here parts, but you've been busy, too.

Besides, my little absence has almost nothing to do with being busy.  I actually took my little hiatus because, truth be told, I've been kind-of down in the dumps and didn't want to be all doom and gloom on you guys.  I sent an email to a blogger friend last week -- a simple email, answering four questions -- and when I re-read it, I was mortified about how glum I sounded.

I'm not glum. I promise.  At least, right now, this minute, and all of today and most of yesterday, I have not been glum.

Just fighting the usual fights, but I've been taking the minor setbacks a little harder than usual, letting little things make me feel more discouraged than encouraged -- instead of finding my "fight," I've been saying "it figures."  It was a toxic combination of angry with the world and pity party, with a few genuine really crummy things thrown into the mix to keep it honest.  I hate when I get that way, and I didn't see any reason in taking my little bout with "the miserables" online to torture you.

But don't worry -- I have plenty to say.  It's midterms week here, and I've found myself with oh-so-much stuff to write about, plus all the catching up from Thanksgiving and Christmas and cooking!   (I wish I could blog from work, and technically I could, but Blogger doesn't work quite right from my work computer and that scares me.)

(While I'm on the subject, ever since I got my new phone and had to install the new version of the Google Reader app, I don't get alerts whenever any of my blogger friends post, and half of the blogs I read won't even show in my reading/subscriptions list ... I am waaaaay behind on my blog readings and can't for the life of me figure out how to fix it.  So I am waiting, impatiently, for Google Reader to fix whatever the heck is up!  In the meantime, if you're a blogger friend, I HAVE been reading ... but not always timely, and not always able to comment because it's often from work.  Shhhhh!)

Back to the blog at hand, though -- 

We have a slammed-packed-crazy-busy weekend planned, so I won't make a promise I can't keep about posting this weekend.  I do promise to be back on the stick, the horse, the wagon next week.

In the meantime, I'm going to go dream about tropical weather.   It's dang COLD here!

Still love me? 



  1. No worries. I'm lucky to get out of bed this time of year. I hate winter.

    1. I'm with you. Dreary, dreary, dreary. Are you really using a happy lamp? Does it work?