Friday, January 30, 2015

Christmas 2014

Yikes! In downloading the snow photos this morning, I realized I'd never done anything with our Christmas photos!

We celebrated Christmas three times this year. First, my parents came up from New York the weekend before Christmas. The kids had a half day of school the Friday before break started, and Mick and I had work and juggling, and my parents came to help us out and celebrate an early Christmas. They came up on Thursday afternoon. It worked out that I was able to duck out of work and pick up the kids and run them home during my prep period on Friday. We celebrated Christmas with my parents on Saturday. They left Sunday morning, which was altogether too short of a visit, but we did at least get to have "Christmas" together.

Then we had Christmas morning with the kids:

Later Christmas morning, my in-laws came up and we did it all again.

Even later, we traveled a few towns over to celebrate with extended family for Mick's side's annual Christmas afternoon.

Pretty awesome.


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