Monday, May 19, 2014

Maine Baton Twirling Championship

I'm not sure I've mentioned this on here before, but CAM is a baton twirler. She loves it.

When we arrive at the competitions, we usually are corraled in the cafeteria to get ready. This Saturday we had to be there by 7:30, and we were ready super early. This is CAM being silly while we waited for her teammates to arrive. 

This weekend was a two-day tournament/competition in Kennebunk, Maine, and she had six events on Saturday. She only had one on Sunday, but we still had to be there all day.  That meant that she had a lot of time in the lobby and running around, playing, twirling, practicing, and so on.

I try, when I don't need to be watching, to grade papers or do other productive stuff, but even I get a tired bum sitting on gym bleachers for 8 hours a day.

So, at one point yesterday, I went out to the lobby with CAM and WHM. CAM had been watching the older twirlers with all their super-high tosses and was playing around, tossing her baton and trying to catch it.

Here's a conversation:

WHM:  C!  Can you throw your baton up in the air, and then spin around?

(She does, attempting a pirouette, but she misses the baton and it falls.)

WHM:  Oh. (pause while he thinks) And I forgot, "catch it."

What was perfect was that he quite seriously thought that he needed to have said that as part of his list of things for his sister to try, and she only dropped the baton because he hadn't added "catching it" to his request.

These are the things that keep me laughing -- and sane!


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