Thursday, May 17, 2012

Last Day of Preschool!

We take photos like this at all sorts of events.  I just make simple signs to commemorate the day, and the kids hold them up.  I am realizing as I type this that I forgot to do one for yesterday, which was WHM's last day.  Whoops.  Remedying that immediately -- a day late and all.

I am trying to make it as exciting for CAM at home as they have made it out at school.  She is off to kindergarten next year!  We want to embrace summer and all the fun that starts THIS AFTERNOON!

I saw the idea below on Pinterest (shocker, I know) but had to modify it for our house.  Since we park in the garage and walk through a small hallway to our kitchen (as opposed to walking up a front walk to a gorgeous front porch with columns and then using our front door), I decorated the entrance from the hall to the kitchen.

I hope she loves it.  WHM sure enjoyed helping me put it all together!

The view from the kitchen.

The view from the hallway.  On his way out earlier today, Mick had to walk through all this and duck.  So cute!

from a little bit back ...

As you walk in from the garage

Another view from the kitchen.  The streamers are all askew because a certain two-year-old just ran through them.


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